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How I Found My Freedom

As someone who worked numerous corporate jobs for years, I dreamed of the day that I could be on my own schedule, doing something that I was passionate about. 

When I discovered network marketing a few years ago, I found myself loving what I was doing every day. I created my own work schedule, and I was incredibly fulfilled in my ability to help others. I really enjoyed running my own business... but generating all of my business in-person was beginning to take it’s toll... I had exhausted my warm market and I wanted to grow my paycheck faster.

Then... I ​discovered an online entrepreneurial mentoring program that is helping me bring my business to a​nother level!

I am shifting my marketing to social media, and learning how to attract endless leads of qualified individuals to my business opportunity... all without leaving my home! The guidance and roadmap provided in this mentoring program is already changing my life. My favorite part about all of this is having more time to spend outdoors with my growing family ... We get to spend our extra time traveling and having new​ adventures together!​

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I help women take the overwhelm out of business!

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